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September 2017 News From The Chamber

Message From Our CEO Katie Simmons: Boom! Our 2017 Community Vision Report was intended to kickstart a conversation about the future of Chico - and, wow, did it ever! A handful of members instantly thanked us for our candor and offered to be part of the solution. A few were dismayed by what appears to be negativity and wondered how the Chamber which, in addition to being an advocacy organization, is also known for rolling out the red carpet for businesses and visitors. Each conversation presents a learning opportunity and we hope you'll keep the comments coming!

To be clear, the Community Vision Report is not intended nor utilized as a marketing piece for Chico; rather, it serves to advance the dialogue we began with our membership when we launched our goal to be, "the safest, most vibrant, premiere city in the North State," in 2015. As advocates for business, and as the Voice Of Business, we feel it is our duty to amplify the concerns we've heard from small businesses all the way up to major employers during thousands of business walk visits and round-table meetings over the last several years. We are also celebrating wins such as the PBID, school bonds, and TBID. Because the Vision represents a living breathing goal that we work toward every day, rest assured our next step is well underway.

This piece was produced with respect for our elected and City officials. If it wasn't for their hard work and dedication over the last several years, the content of the Vision may be truly grim rather than a reflection of the challenges many communities in California face. That said, this is Chico and we want to top every "best of" list there is.

So...what is next? In October, the Chamber board will develop a series of recommendations to address the challenges we artfully conveyed in the report. We'll be gathering input from you, continuing our investigative research on City revenues and expenditures, updating the data, and narrowing in on short-term and long-term priorities.

When you read the report, what stands out to you? If you can spare 30 seconds to email me your reaction - good, bad, indifferent - I'd love to hear it!

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