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October 2017 News From The Chamber

Message From Our CEO Katie Simmons: Airport Manager Sherry Miller recently commissioned a Catchment Area Study, also known as a Passenger Demand Forecast, to give us insight into the feasibility of restoring commercial air service in Chico. The results are used by carriers to determine their potential success in the Chico market. Airlines need this data as well as commitments from the community to cover any financial losses they might experience in operating out of the Chico Municipal Airport. Read the study results here. A consultant from InterVISTAS will be in Chico answering questions about the study results on November 8th, at 6:00 p.m., at a workshop hosted by the Airport Commission in the Old Municipal Building (441 Main Street). Feel free to participate in this Q&A session. In the meantime, we will continue to keep our members and partners up to date on movement in this area, including any reports that result from the workshop.
Over the last few months we've hosted what we're calling "Anchor Business Listening Sessions" with major employers in Chico. In just 6 sessions we've spoken with the owners and managers of companies representing nearly 16,000 jobs in our community. Not surprisingly, the feedback has been markedly unified - our concerns and our compliments for Chico are very similar. Everyone loves our events and our community spirit. Even people who've arrived from other cities within the last few months have noticed the busy social calendar our residents keep. Everyone - to a person - however, is concerned about the state of downtown, the safety of our parks, and crime in Chico. Though we may be tempted to say this signifies a troubling trend, I like to think of it as validation to keep working on the priorities we set many years ago when our Board of Directors committed to Moving Chico Forward.
On that note, we'll host our Annual Board Retreat later this month. The Retreat will result in a white paper with a series of recommendations aimed at improving the conditions we measured in this summer's Community Vision Report. Stay tuned for solutions.

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