Community Vision Newsletter

After a year in the works, I am pleased to share with you our 2016 Community Vision Report. This report is a high-level outline of our vision for “Moving Chico Forward.” We have established metrics, both quantifiable and qualifiable, that we can track over the years to ensure we are making progress in 5 key areas: 1) growing and maintaining healthy businesses, 2) ensuring solvency and resiliency in our City government, 3) increasing public safety, 4) offering quality arts and recreation facilities and activities, and 5) polishing up the Chico lifestyle that benefits us personally and allows us to attract jobs, a quality workforce, and visitors to our downtown, parks, and community. 

Did you know, for example, that property crime comprises more than 80% of our part 1 crimes in Chico, and has risen 50% in the last 5 years? Davis, a nearby University town, reports just over half the crime per capita that we experience here in Chico. By community-assessed needs, our police force is 76% of what it should be, and isn’t expected to increase significantly over the next several years. Why? As of the close of the City’s last fiscal year, we had reached 0% of our $13 million goal for general fund reserves. By this time in 2017, the City plans to bank 3.85%, but has $9 million in infrastructure needs and $1 million in available funding. If you’re running a business you know these numbers don’t add up to a seamless “Business Plan” for our community which is why we’ve created this Community Vision. Let’s take a hard look at our goals and our realities, and create reasonable yet aspirational standards and expectations for our elected leaders, ourselves, and the spaces we all share.

Take a look at the publication – benchmarking where we are today from a bird’s eye view – and let us know where you want to jump in. We are actively involved in all 5 areas through efforts like Beautiful, Clean & Safe and Team Chico. We welcome your participation and/or investment in our ability to move the needle. We can accomplish more together – contact Kelsey Torres for details at 530.891.5556  ext 307 or email here.