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March 2018 News From The Chamber

The Chico Retail Watch program hosted by the Chamber, DCBA, and Chico Police Department kicked off on Monday, February 26th, with a meeting between Police Chief Michael O'Brien, Commander Billy Aldridge, retailers, and loss prevention personnel. Businesses of all sizes and locations are in search of tools to better cope with the rash of shoplifting happening in Chico right now. No matter where you point to explain the sharp increase in property theft, like Props 47 and 57, the impacts on businesses are tangible and undeniable, leading to hiring freezes and price increases to compensate for losses.

At the Retail Watch meeting, businesses asked for signage to indicate they report and prosecute shoplifting. They asked for answers to frequently asked questions about detainment and trespassing. They looked to each other for best practices, swapping contact information to stay connected all the time. Our next meeting is Monday, March 26th, from 10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. at Oxford Suites. If you are a retailer call us to RSVP (530-891-5556), or send me an email to request a recap.

The Chamber has tackled another workplace topic: cannabis. A subcommittee of members has formed under our Legislative Action Committee to research employer rights and responsibilities, workplace safety, impairment testing, and employee safety in the context of current state and local cannabis regulations. Research will be sent to the Chamber Board for discussion. The subcommittee is full but we invite your questions on workplace safety related to cannabis to help the subcommittee understand what local businesses need to know. Feel free to send your questions to me.

Our Special Report has been making the rounds for the last month. We hosted a member input session and are continuing to take feedback in a myriad of different ways. The possibility of a revenue measure is a new and big topic for the community - and we're blazing new ground just by talking about it. If you have thoughts or input on local road conditions, the pension deficit, funding to our police and/or fire departments, please let me know. We're in solution mode and look forward to an ongoing conversation with local businesses and the general public about funding our priorities.

I'm in the thick of things so even I miss the forest for the trees sometimes. Everything we do here at the Chamber - all of the initiatives named above, and beyond - is done in service to our local businesses to make Chico the safest, most vibrant, premier city in the north state. We're as serious about this goal as you are about the goals you've set for your own business. Thank you for investing in this community vision and for moving Chico forward.

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