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June 2018 News From The Chamber

"It's all about courage," said the announcer when Mark Francis and Tom Lando took the stage in Sacramento last week to receive their Business Advocate of the Year awards from the California Chamber of Commerce (see videos below). And it's true, sometimes the Chamber has to say unpopular things to advocate for the betterment of our businesses and our community. 
Take our Special Report. Though the topic of a revenue measure surfaced briefly during the City's recent presentation of their 5-year budget projections, it didn't stick despite the forecast showing a $4-$8 million dollar gap in resources in a few years' time. Even if the Chamber's suggestion that a revenue measure be explored is neither politically popular nor financially ideal, the conversation has yet to begin in earnest around how we're going to fund our police department, fire department, road maintenance, and other basic services in the face of our pension deficit. Or, what we're going to have to give up as a community to meet those pension payments.
Having sat in this very seat while the City struggled through its financial crisis a few years back and businesses grappled with the burden of absorbing costs associated with dwindling services, I'm proud of the courage I see in the Chamber and in our membership every day. The quality of our community is critically dependent upon the success of our businesses and our willingness to step forward and be civically informed, engaged, and influential.
Cannabis...what does Proposition 64 mean for employers and what myths can we debunk? In August, in response to questions about drug policies, impairment, testing, and liabilities, we'll host an expert panel workshop on the topic for businesses. The workshop will feature a presentation by an employment law firm and a moderated Q&A. The event will be free and open to businesses throughout the Chico area. Registration opens next week.
Retail Watch continues to plug along, with stores of all sizes rethinking and rightsizing their shoplifting policies. Read here for prevention, reporting, and prosecution tips. 
On a much (much!) brighter note, we honored the 80th anniversary of Shubert's Ice Cream & Candy last night at Patrick Ranch. What a spectacular evening of ice cream, entertainment, BBQ, and perfect weather. Many thanks to our hard-working staff, Board, Ambassadors, and volunteers for making what we do look so effortless.

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