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December 2017 News From The Chamber

I don't know about you, but I can't wait for 2018! I'm a big fan of civic engagement and there's no better time to get involved than an election year. We'll get the conversation rolling in January when we publish the results of our inquiry into City revenues and expenditures at our Business Summit & State of the City Address on January 26th from 3:00 - 5:00 p.m. at the CARD Center. It's free, open to the public, and we want you there!
In 2018, our Anchor Business Listening Session series will expand to include Retail Roundtables to get to the heart of property loss and damage due to shoplifting. Not the most enjoyable topic to tackle but one that has emerged as a leading pain point in the feedback gathered on our business walks. While we can't change state law overnight - though we are working with CalChamber on setting up meetings at the State Capitol on the ballot initiatives now circulating - we appreciate our Police Chief's willingness to focus on solving local issues with local efforts.
Our 10-year Community Vision turns 4 in 2018! Hard to believe that what started as a single question at one Board meeting turned into a full-fledged community dialogue around standards, expectations, and resources for priorities like police staffing and roadway maintenance. Just today a business manager told us he had to replace two perfectly good tires when he hit a pothole on a major arterial road in Chico. Our streets aren't going to fix themselves, and gas tax revenues will be a drop in an overflowing bucket of infrastructure need.
We often talk about the Chamber as a "place" where business women and men can develop productive networks, mentorship, and leads - but the Chamber is also something very ephemeral. It is an ongoing dialogue happening in our community right now about making Chico the safest, most vibrant, premier city in the North state. Our Board is talking about it, our Ambassadors, our young professionals, our members, everyone. Let's bring it all together in 2018 by showing up, being heard, and casting our votes. I hope you'll join us.

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