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Chico Chamber YPO Launches Young Professionals Survey

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June 18, 2018   CHICO, CA:  The Chico Chamber's Young Professionals Organization (YPO) was formed in 2010 to bring together the region's young business people for mentorship, leadership, education and networking. In 2015, the YPO circulated a survey to gain a better understanding what was driving change in the business world, the workplace, and the local community. Results of that survey informed the continued evolution of the Chico YPO and enhanced the creation of the Chico Chamber’s Community Vision. Fast forward three years and the YPO is looking to hear from young professionals again on what drives their career and lifestyle choices. Survey findings will be aggregated and shared with the Chico YPO, local employers, and elected officials through the Chamber’s advocacy efforts and election activities. The official survey report will be released at the Chico YPO E.P.I.C. Event on August 15th.

If you are a local young professional, please take our quick survey!

"I am very excited that the YPO is resurveying our young professionals of Chico. We are looking forward to sifting through the data to find out where the trends are headed. The feedback we receive will give us a clearer vision of what's keeping folks in Chico, what's causing them to look elsewhere, and how important quality of life plays into that decision, as we work hard to move Chico forward!" says Kelly Gibbons, President of the Young Professionals Organization.

Katie Simmons, President & CEO of the Chico Chamber of Commerce, says, “Without question, any Community Vision for Chico must include the priorities and expectations of our young professionals. Reaching out with a comprehensive survey every few years is a great way to understand any changes or trends so we may respond in a timely fashion and, ideally, get ahead of the curve. We’re excited to see where we’re doing well as a community through the eyes of those newly starting their careers, and where we need to spend a little more time in the coming years to make sure Chico hits the mark for young professionals in the ‘live, work, and play’ experience.”

If you are a local young professional, please take our survey! The survey can also be accessed by visiting Chico Chamber YPO, Facebook, or Twitter.  Please also help us by sharing this survey link with other young professionals in your circles.

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