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Chamber Outlines Areas for Progress in 2016 Community Vision Report

September 15, 2016 (CHICO, CA) After a year in the works, the Chico Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors has released the 2016 Community Vision Report. This report is a high-level outline of the Chamber’s Community Vision for "Moving Chico Forward." It can be found here:

The Chamber Board has established metrics, both quantifiable and qualifiable, that can be tracked over the years to ensure Chico is progressing in 5 key areas: 1) growing and maintaining healthy businesses, 2) ensuring solvency and resiliency in our City government, 3) increasing public safety, 4) offering quality arts and recreational facilities and activities, and 5) polishing up the Chico lifestyle that benefits residents and allows for the attraction of jobs, a quality workforce, and visitors to downtown Chico, local parks, and the broader community.

For example, FBI data shows that property offenses comprise more than 80% of the crimes in Chico, and have risen 50% in the last 5 years. Davis, a nearby University town, reports just over half the crime per capita that is experienced here in Chico. By community-assessed needs, Chico’s police force is 76% of what it should be, and isn't expected to increase significantly over the next several years because as of the close of the City's last fiscal year, 0% of the $13 million goal for general fund reserves had been met. By this time in 2017, the City plans to bank 3.85%, but has $9 million in infrastructure needs and $1 million in available funding.

Katie Simmons, President & CEO of the Chico Chamber of Commerce says, “If you're running a business, you know these numbers don't add up to a seamless ‘Business Plan’ for our community which is why we've created this Community Vision. Let's take a hard look at our goals and our realities, and create reasonable yet aspirational standards and expectations for our elected leaders, ourselves, and the spaces we all share.


Comments on the 2016 Community Vision:

Toni Scott, Chair of the Chico Chamber Board of Directors, Morrison & Company:

“This is phenomenal and something that we can all truly be proud of!”


Dr. Gayle Hutchinson, President of CSU, Chico:

“I wish to add my hearty congratulations and accolades for the collaborative work that went into the development of the 2016 Community Vision Report: Moving Chico Forward. Work well done. On behalf of Chico State, I look forward to working with you and the community in making Chico greater than it already is.”


Dr. Samia Yaqub, President & Superintendent of Butte-Glenn Community College District:

“Well done, everyone!  There is a phenomenal amount of information displayed in this report. Butte College is proud to part of this enterprise; we are committed to providing world-class education and workforce training to the communities of Chico.” 


Audrey Taylor, Chabin Concepts:

“This is very informative and visionary on our challenges and opportunities to maintaining a vibrant and robust communities for all generations. Thanks so much to the Chico Chamber for the dedicated work done on this, now let's roll up the sleeves!”


Valerie Reddemann, Hero CMO:

“This is a powerful tool to tell our story. I look forward to sharing it.”


Angela Casler, Sustainability Management Consulting:

“The 2016 Community Vision Report will indeed keep Chico Moving Forward with metrics to measure our progress and outcomes. I am proud to work in a community where we work together to achieve our goals.”


Marc Nemanic, 3CORE:

“I see this as an excellent example of benchmarking progress, using facts and figures rather than feelings. Unless you know where you have been, you can’t really tell if you are PROGRESSING as a community. That is what we all want—PROGRESS. I think the Chico business leaders through the Chamber are focusing the community vision in the right direction. That is not to say the City hasn’t made progress on their budget dilemmas over that last few years—they have and they are shoring up the financial foundation each and every day. Measurable progress is the goal.”


Contact Katie Simmons, President & CEO of the Chico Chamber of Commerce with questions: 530.891.5556 x303,


Click here to download a PDF version of the above press release.