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Now Available Chamber Special Report and Community Vision Commercial

NOW AVAILABLE the Special Report from the Task Force on City Revenues & Expenditures! This Special Report calls the City of Chico and our community to action around exploring a revenue measure to meet essential community needs like police staffing and roadway improvements. The Chamber has also launched the Community Vision video series touching on the five community priorities outlined in the Vision: thriving business community, healthy city government, safe community, premier arts and recreation facilities, and strong vibrant community. Click HERE To View Our Community Vision Commercial.

Says 2017 Board Chair Rick Anderson, “The Chamber of Commerce, through its members, community partners, Board and staff, worked tirelessly last year to understand where we are as a community on these important topics with the intent to share with you what we have learned. It is my hope that this report will begin a data-driven discussion in 2018 that will, in the end, allow us to bravely create and own a future we can all be proud of.”

Tom Lando, Chair of the Chamber’s Legislative Action Committee and Task Force, says, “The Chamber Board has focused on the issues brought to it by our business community and has constructively addressed those issues with recommendations to the City Council and to our community as a whole in this Special Report.”

Katie Simmons, President & CEO of the Chico Chamber credits dozens of business walks, community safety meetings, anchor business listening sessions, and retail roundtables for pointing the Chamber in this direction. “We rarely have a conversation with a local business that isn’t 100% centered around concern for our quality of life in Chico.” She says this report is intended to galvanize the community in a forward-looking, solution-oriented direction, one that relies on both data and input. “When we first began studying these issues – like crime and infrastructure - they were difficult to quantify, now we have metrics that help us understand when we’re going in the right direction. We hope everyone takes a few minutes to read the Special Report and gets involved in the conversation in 2018.”

Click HERE To View The Special Report.