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April 2018 News From The Chamber

On one hand, District Attorney Mike Ramsey says, "Chico doesn't have a shoplifting problem." On the other hand, a long-time Chico retailer says, "we're going to be in a war forever." Who is correct? Well, if you look at the number of local shoplifting prosecutions in 2017, the DA is clearly right. But, talk to any retailer and you hear story after story of increasingly flagrant theft.
Mr. Ramsey was being facetious, of course. He knows better than anyone that shoplifting is rampant. His comment was intended to drive home the point that decisions made by businesses to report and prosecute are critical to 1) understanding the volume of theft, 2) bringing about any justice when it occurs, and 3) providing the information needed to prevent it in the first place.
The Retail Watch program co-hosted by the Chamber, DCBA, and Chico PD, is more than just a conversation about arrest data, however, it offers a chance to develop real solutions to common incidents occurring in local businesses. If you are a retailer and time doesn't allow you to participate, we're working on a FAQ page and signs you can place in your business to demonstrate a proactive approach to shrinking our retail "shrink" in Chico. The next meeting is April 30 th , from 10-11am, at Oxford Suites. RSVPs a nd a retail affiliation are required to participate.
At the state level, we're working to reverse the policies that softened our response to crime in the first place. The Chamber Board recently endorsed the "Reducing Crime and Keeping California Safe Act of 2018."  Click here to join the coalition of businesses and organizations behind this effort. This initiative is so important to us, the Chamber office will soon be a signature-gathering location to ensure it qualifies for the ballot.
This month, we'll host a Lunch Hour Q&A with our new Fire Chief Steve Standridge. Join us on April 19 thfrom noon - 1 p.m. at Fire Station 5 and bring your questions!
Also, save the date for our 2018 Chico City Council Candidate Forum on September 5 th , 8:30 a.m. - 10 a.m., at the CARD Center. There are so many opportunities to lift your voice and make a difference this year. We're doing everything we can do make sure it's heard.

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